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Hello, reader. Thanks for dropping by. Make yourself comfortable.

You didn’t stumble upon this blog by accident. You’re curious about augmented reality (AR) technology. And chances are you’ve encountered it before. Perhaps you got caught up in the Pokemon Go craze of 2016 (and perhaps you’re still playing it). Or if not, maybe you’re more of an Ingress fan. And even if gaming isn’t your bag, it’s possible you’ve gotten your hands on one of the newest iPhones, which take advantage of AR to make visual media even livelier.

AR is now a fixture of mainstream life. It isn’t going away. In fact, it is only going to evolve and become vital in ways that developers and entrepreneurs are only now dreaming up. And that is exactly what the Displar blog is about: exploring the wondrous possibilities of this emerging technology, cutting through the skepticism associated with AR (as there is with any new technology), and educating you on the benefits of incorporating it into your daily lives. Really, AR is a new frontier for us as human beings, and it can be a wild and scary place! But fear not – we will be with you every step of the way, breaking down how it works, highlighting the humanity of those who want to use AR to benefit society, and showing how indispensible this innovation really is.

VAR Unit, the company behind Displar, is singularly dedicated to the development of AR technologies because quite simply, we are nerds. We’ve loved exploring and dabbling in all kinds of tech, and you’re not going to find a more fascinated or motivated group of nerds in the industry. It all begins with Wojciech Tubek, our CEO, who’s been writing code since the tender age of 14. He brought VAR Unit and its debut Displar project into the world in 2017. Our Chief Technology Officer, Wojciech Turowicz, is a man that makes things happen. He has hands-on engineering experience at different levels of system complexity, and he is also the architect behind a communication platform that brought in $2.8 million of seed-funding. Krzysiek Begiedza, VAR Unit’s Unity Developer, is the baby of the group, but he’s got both the front and back ends of AR/VR app development on lock.

We’ve got non-tech people in on this as well, with very specialized skills. Head of Business Development Andrzej Pajda has gained experience developing restaurant businesses in both marketing and operations management; now we’ve brought him into our world, and we know he’s got what it takes to establish the profitability of our business. And finally, there’s me: Brendan James, your friendly author. My strong suits are research and writing, and I do regular columns for a technology trading magazine. When I think about the possibilities of the world of augmented reality, I’m awestruck. It makes me WANT to do a deep-dive to find out everything I can. You’ll be learning a lot about AR, and at the same time I will as well. And in the end, that common curiosity is what will make this blog a success.

Displar looks forward to exploring the vast possibilities of AR. Here’s the twist: this is seminar, not a lecture. We’re not simply about laying down the law – we want to hear from you, the reader. With each post, we will encourage conversation surrounding the technology, and welcome feedback about what you want to see more/less of on the blog.

We’re simply stoked to be kicking this whole thing off. Watch this space.