Introducing PlanAR.

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VAR Unit, the startup who brought you Displar, is back again with a brand new augmented reality app to help you make the most of your home by getting you the exact data you need to make the most precise measurements. Whether you’ve designed the ideal workplace or the home of your dreams, you still need to get all of the arrangements just right. We’re here to help.

You don’t always have a tape measure or a pen and paper at hand. But you always make sure you have your smartphone. It is with your lifestyle in mind that helped bring Planar into the world. Planar measures in two dimensions, which helps you fit small furniture into your cozy home. Need to figure out a new arrangement for your living or work space? Not to worry. Planar can be one of the tools in your arsenal to help you create layouts for your home or office by measuring surface area.


Thanks to our intuitive user interface you can measure with the swipe of a finger. Just drag and pinch. As the software reads the environment, the measurements snaps to lines and locks to angles for ease of use. It’s simple and, more importantly, accurate. In the event you do make a mistake, Planar allows you to undo your previous measurements for a better try.


What’s more, all of your measurements are saved directly to your device. No more fumbling for that piece of scrap paper full of half-remembered measurements you half-legibly noted down. Planar has it all right there for you.

Finally, you’ll never pay to use our custom-made solution. Planar’s full array of features is completely free to use with no in-app purchases and no strings attached. And always will be. With Planar, you’ve always got the numbers at hand.

We’re taking time and care to develop this app, and we believe Planar’s full potential cannot be reached without input from our customer base. Our subreddit, r/planarapp, is a space where we interact with our fans, discussing the product, giving feedback, and suggesting features for future versions to make it the best it can possibly be. Become part of the Planar community and become part of the process!