Here you should find answers for most frequently asked questions, regarding app performance, maintenance anjd other technical details. If you won’t find satisfying answers here, don’t hesitate to contact us using button below.

Is Displar providing 3D models ?

If you need 3D models, we can provide you with a 3D modeling service done by our partners.

What formats of 3d models Displar uses?

Displar is designed to work with almost all standard 3D formats like .fbx, .obj, .3ds, .dxf, .dae, .skp.

On what devices / platforms does Displar operate?

As Displar is based on AR Core and AR Kit technologies, it’s list of supported devices is a combination of AR core and AR Kit supported devices lists for Android and iOS respectively. you can find them here Android & iOS.

What is the process of Displar customization?

The process starts with a conference call or a meeting where we will list all your requirements. That determines timeline and scope of customization.

Can I integrate Displar with my website / mobile app?

Integrating Displar with 3rd party apps is a custom feature, which will require us to get access to your source code or a cooperation with your IT department.

Is Displar providing any data analytics?

Yes, Displar has built in analytics module that is ready to be configured for your needs. We are able to track all app behaviours and statistics such as, models frequency, application roadmaps, usages, time spent etc.

Is there a possibility for more than 1 user to use Displar at the same time?

We are currently working on multiplayer sessions, but it still needs a while to go.

Does Displar work on VR ?

Today Displar is a solution based on Augmented Reality (digital overlay of what you normally see) but we are planning to bring it to VR someday.

Is there a guarantee on Displar?

Displar operates in a Platform as a Service model, so we work on SLA’s that are mentioned in a contract.

Do I have to pay for application updates?

Application updates such as: performance stabilizations, interface tweaks and so are all included in a subscription. If you want to add custom features this is yet another service we will provide for a reasonable price.

Who is responsible for my Displar’s data storage and safety?

We and You. As data storage and all analytics is running on our servers as well as Displar users personal data, we are keeping high priority on data security, but let’s not forget that after we are done processing, you are the one with the access so you have to make sure that your security systems and policies are running well.